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Laptop Security Cabinet

Dasco Laptop Security Cabinet $2200


Purpose built to store your laptops safe & securely, this cabinet has many features in including:

-Fully Powered to charge all 12 individually lockable laptop units

- Steel tambour security door

-Slide out laptop tray for ease of acess

-Extra storage bin pull out drawer for bags

-Vented top & side panels to ensure optimum performance.

Enginereed by Dasco, a supplier to defence forces across the world, you can be assured of its top quality & security.

For more information email us here

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CHUBB Fire Safes

SOLD Ideal for storing collectables like stamps, coins, antique books, etc, for photos and documents, hard drives and data.

Rated to provide 2 hours resistance for data.

They are fitted with Manifoil MkIV manipulation resistant combination locks, the change key and instructions are included.

The combination can be easily changed at anytime by you so you remain in complete control of the security of the container and who has access to it.

4 Available. 3 Large ones (as pictured) for $1200 each and one smaller one for $900. All are in good condition, and better condition than others we have seen in our region, but come on in and inspect for yourselves.

3x at: 760 Wide, 780 Deep, 1830 High. 750 kg. Were $2000, now all $1200 each.

1x at: 760 Wide, 780 Deep, 1350 High, 550 kg. Was $1500, now just $900.

We don’t deliver safes of this size ourselves, however you can arrange delivery through RT Forklift Services in the Canberra and surrounding regions, or through another removalist company, or you can collect it yourself.


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SCEC Endorsed Security Containers

We have a number of SCEC-Endorsed containers (safes) available.

“C Class”

At the time of writing (05-10-2013) we had these two C-Class Planex filing cabinets:

Planex C Class Filing Cabinets

Here are some others that we had earlier this year:

Planex 3dr C-Class (Beige)Planex 3dr C-Class (Grey)

We also had one Lamson C-Class Stationary Cabinet (sold):

Lamson C Class Stationary CabinetLamson C Class Stationary Cabinet (Open)

Here are some other SCEC-endorsed cupboards that we had 17 months ago (2x C and 1x B class):

“B Class”

We have a small number of CHUBB B-Class containers available, similar to these (colours may vary):

These are an ideal security solution for businesses, accountants, solicitors, tradespeople,  etc. And also for home!

They  are a very popular product and excellent value too, the older models have been maintained and serviced in government use for up to 5 decades, and if properly maintained will still have decades of use left in them yet! There really is no better value for security than something that will last you a lifetime of usage. Come in store to inspect the quality for yourselves.

We also have the 2-drawer ones for $900 each:

We sometimes get CMI/Planex ones similar to these:

Occasionally we get SCEC endorsed Brownbuilt compactuses as well:

Brownbuilt B-Class Compactus

This one sold within a week of setting it up in our store. It’s a 4-bay B-Class Brownbuilt compactus.

“A Class”

Finally, we still have our Chubb A Class container available:

It weighs 800kg, and the rest of the specs are on the datasheet for anyone that’s interested. It contains a 2-drawer filing cabinet. The price for a new CMI “A Class” continer is $7800.

Stock changes rapidly, and our range of SCEC Endorsed products will be different to what is detailed on this page.


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General Purpose/Firearm Safe

Ext Size: 1017 H, 587 W, 615 D

This is a nice general purpose CHUBB safe. It originally had a key lock, but we installed a new combination lock in it for increased security (S&G 6730). As with all our safes, the combination can be changed easily at any time by you, so you have complete control over the security of the container and who has access to it.

The door front is 9mm thick, and 25mm thick on the trim, with the lock mounted behind 9mm door + 4mm hard-plate + 3mm plate. 6 point continuous horizontal 27mm dia bolts.

Great general purpose safe. Can be used to store jewelry, modest amounts of cash, or firearms (including hand guns, there’s a lockable internal drawer that could be used for ammo).

Price: $1800.



V. High Security Chubb Safe

High Security CHUBB Safe High Security CHUBB Safe (Open)

We have a small range of general purpose safes. Picture here is a good quality, high security CHUBB safe. The external dimensions are 830x650x700, internal dimensions are 670x490x400 and the weight is 740kg. The bolts are 38mm diameter and the horizontal bolts are continuous. When brand new this safe was available in six different sizes from CHUBB, and it originally came fitted with an S&G combination lock. It can be bolted to the floor, it has glass re-lockers, it provides one hour fire resistance, and it provides excellent security for your valuables or cash, which could potentially be insured by your insurance company.

All of the above points were taken directly from the datasheet for this product, download it here.

This safe was made in 1978, and the S&G lock was removed and a higher security Mainfoil MkIV combination lock was installed, in 1988. The Manifoil combination lock is still produced today, and remains the only mechanical combination lock that is SCEC-endorsed, in other words, it recognized by the government as being the highest security mechanical combination lock available, due to its high precision and anti-manipulation design. It’s in excellent condition and works flawlessly. The combination can be changed easily at any time by you, so you have complete control over the security of the container and who has access to it.

Some people have asked about the key-lock, it is usable if you get a key made for it, or you can replace it with a new key lock (probably the better option). Or, with the way this safe is designed, you could install a second combination lock. In any case the security of the safe is in the Manifoil lock which is just about the highest security combination lock you can get.

Priced at $3000, call in store if you’re interested in this item!


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No Melbourne Showroom

Daniel and Taylor here …

We are now trading only in Canberra. As mentioned on our contact pages we have closed the Melbourne showroom permanently. We are still happy to help or place orders which can be collected by yourself or a courier. If you need a courier/removalist please check the About page for options. Bare in mind collection is the responsibility of the customer and not us.

You can still call the Melbourne phone number – it gets forwarded here. We get calls regularly asking when Melbourne will be reopened, the answer is that the Melbourne showroom is closed permanently.

We trade 9AM-5PM 7 days from 6 Yallourn Street Fyshwick ACT 2609.

Phone: 02-6239-1826 / 03-9429-9433

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We periodically have safes available. Generally sizes range from medium to large, and only occasionally do we have small safes.

This is a CHUBB Isolator safe, and it has been SOLD. It was an ex-bank safe, weighing in excess of 1950KG.


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“B CLASS” security cabinet / safe

Four drawer “B Class” security cabinet. We often sell SCEC endorsed products interstate, you will need to organize transport, but please call us on 02 6239 1826 if you are interested in any SCEC Safes (A/B/C class containers) and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Heavy duty construction with a manipulation resistant combination lock.

Often used by solicitors and accountants.

$1500 each.

High quality SCEC-endorsed Manifoil combination locks, include their instructions and the combination change key.

We have a small number in stock.

(13 October 2011)

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