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Brownbuilt Steel Shelving



Brownbuilt is one of Australia’s  most trusted, manufacturers of quality shelving.


We currently have a number of second-hand Brownbuilt and similar brand shelving units in stock.

Each bay is stands approximately 2160mm tall, with a full back and sides and comes with 5 adjustable shelves measuring 900mm wide x 300mm deep.

Visit the Brownbuilt site here for more information on shelving that won’t fall apart on you.












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Embassy Furniture

Arriving this week from a local European Embassy… Brand -  made and specially imported from the Netherlands – top quality designer furniture.

Tambour Cupboards* – higher quality than the Australian-made ones we are used to seeing:


Also available – exec meeting tables, desks and leather chairs. Call in store.

Visit Ahrend here.

*Large Tambour cabinets now sold out – More expected May-June



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Steel Shelving

Our shelving is built using brand new black slotted-angle uprights (1800 x 62 x 36 x 1.8 mm), and second-hand quality Brownbuilt and Dexion shelves (and also Colby, Planex, etc when available). Great value, excellent quality, rigid. This is one of our best selling products, because we sell it at a fraction of the price of brand new.

All 1800mm high, 5 shelves per unit. Shelf capacity is between 110-240kg per shelf (uniformly distributed load) and max 550-700kg capacity per bay (UDL). Various shelf sizes including 900 x 300 @ $110 each, 900 x 400 @ $130 each, and 900 x 600 a very popular size $180 each. We also have brand new 900 x 600 for just $260/ea. Colours include charcoal, grey and beige.

Slotted angle can be purchased separately for $15/length.
Shelves can also be purchased separately, the price is dependent on the shelf size. For instance, 900 x 300 B/Built shelves are $11 each, 900 x 400 is $16 each, etc.

(Slotted angle subject to availability, Please call in store)

Can be made to order, please call in store for more information!

Pricing guide:

750 X 300 –   $95 ea
750 X 400 – $110 ea
900 X 300 – $110 ea
900 X 400 – $130 ea
900 X 500 – $160 ea
900 X 600 – $180 ea
900 x 600 (New) – $200 ea (SALE)
900 X 900 – $220 ea
1200 x 300 – $130 ea
1200 x 400 – $160 ea

Please note that not all sizes will be in stock, call for availability.

Please note: we sometimes get requests to supply these in component form, we are happy to do this, however it is not a “flat-pack” type product, and assembly requires a bench, clamps, drills, etc.

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Brand New Shelving

Shelves are 895 x 595, total size approx 1800H 900W 600D.

These are made using the same slotted angle that we build our regular shelving with, however these shelves are brand new, not used. They are the same great quality as our used shelves. Retail price approx $450. Our price is $200 each (well below the true wholesale price). Come in and grab a bargain – can be built to order!

We also have used shelving this size in charcoal for $180.*

This is not a flat-pack product, our shelving is sturdy and rigid and is supplied assembled.

Capacity: 130kg UDL per shelf, 650kg UDL per bay.

*Charcoal sold out as of


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Navy-Blue Shelving Bays


In stock – just 7x left! (23/12/2013)

Imperial Size:
6′ (height) x 3′ (width) x 15-7/8″ (depth).

Metric: 1828.8 mm x 914.4 mm  x 403.2 mm.

In Good – Very Good condition.

$130 each, come grab a bargain!


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SCEC Endorsed Security Containers

We have a number of SCEC-Endorsed containers (safes) available.

“C Class”

At the time of writing (05-10-2013) we had these two C-Class Planex filing cabinets (4-drawer is $720, 3-drawer is $550):

Planex C Class Filing Cabinets

Here are some others that we had earlier this year:

Planex 3dr C-Class (Beige)Planex 3dr C-Class (Grey)

We also had one Lamson C-Class Stationary Cabinet (sold):

Lamson C Class Stationary CabinetLamson C Class Stationary Cabinet (Open)

Here are some other SCEC-endorsed cupboards that we had 17 months ago (2x C and 1x B class):

“B Class”

We have a small number of CHUBB B-Class containers available, similar to these (colours may vary):

Our price is $1500-1800 each ($1800 on the newer models). These are an ideal security solution for businesses, accountants, solicitors, tradespeople,  etc. And also for home!

They  are a very popular product and excellent value too, the older models have been maintained and serviced in government use for up to 5 decades, and if properly maintained will still have decades of use left in them yet! There really is no better value for security than something that will last you a lifetime of usage. Come in store to inspect the quality for yourselves.

We also have the 2-drawer ones for $900 each:

We sometimes get CMI/Planex ones similar to these:

Our price is $1800 each (when available). The price for new CMI 4-drawer B-Class containers is $6200.

Occasionally we get SCEC endorsed Brownbuilt compactuses as well:

Brownbuilt B-Class Compactus

This one sold within a week of setting it up in our store. It’s a 4-bay B-Class Brownbuilt compactus, it was priced at $1800 (just $200 more than we sell a non-security 4-bay compactus).

“A Class”

Finally, we still have our Chubb A Class container available:

Our price on the A Class is $2500. It weighs 800kg, and the rest of the specs are on the datasheet for anyone that’s interested. It contains a 2-drawer filing cabinet. The price for a new CMI “A Class” continer is $7800.

Stock changes rapidly, and our range of SCEC Endorsed products will be different to what is detailed on this page.


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Dexion Shelving


Genuine high quality Australian-made Dexion slotted angle shelving; now very expensive to get new.

Although we often have steel shelving, this is not a product we have regularly.

Size: 2200 high, 1620 wide, 520 deep.


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Compactus Units

6 Bay Compactus (900 x 300 shelves)

We often get Brownbuilt Compactus units. In the last few weeks we have sold several, and stock has been turning over quick. Typical sizes that we get are 6-8 bays long, with each bay having 4x shelves sized at 900 x 400 mm. However from time to time we have other sizes also available. We usually see them in Grey or Beige.

At present (28/04/2014) we have 2x units in stock - 6-bay compactus units with 900 x 300mm shelves. Their condition would be described as good to very good. Refer to the picture to the right.  We also have an 8-bay compactus, with  900mm x 400mm shelves,  as well as one other considerably wider 6-bay compactus with 1200mm x 400mm shelves.

They represent a great-value storage solution, whether for business or for home. We can deliver and install the units within the Canberra/Queanbeyan area. Delivery is $80, and delivery + installation starts from $150.

Please contact us  for pricing and availability!


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No Melbourne Showroom

Daniel and Taylor here …

We are now trading only in Canberra. As mentioned on our contact pages we have closed the Melbourne showroom permanently. We are still happy to help or place orders which can be collected by yourself or a courier. If you need a courier/removalist please check the About page for options. Bare in mind collection is the responsibility of the customer and not us.

You can still call the Melbourne phone number – it gets forwarded here. We get calls regularly asking when Melbourne will be reopened, the answer is that the Melbourne showroom is closed permanently.

We trade 9AM-5PM 7 days from 6 Yallourn Street Fyshwick ACT 2609.

Phone: 02-6239-1826 / 03-9429-9433

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Stationary Cabinets


Schiavello Stationary Cabinets. These units are 1240mm high, 900 wide and 510 deep (external), and have two shelves each as you see pictured. Our price is $180 each.


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Brownbuilt shelving. size: ~2100 x 900 x 450.

Price for new is $370-450. Our usual price for this size (when available) is $140.

(12 June 2012)

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20 Bay Dexion Compactus

SOLD OUT. We typically have compactus units available, though usually in the 6-10 bay sizes, please call (02) 6239 1826 for availability of compactus units.
We have managed to secure a 20-bay Dexion Compactus, in excellent condition.

Configured in a 10 bays long x 2 bays wide layout, this compactus measures ~5.2m x 1.8m

The dimensions of a single bay are 900 (wide) x 400 (deep) x 2200 (high).

(2 May 2012)


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Compactus units in stock

This was a list of stock available at 32/03/2012 – please call for current stock.

Compactus units are regularly available. In Canberra we currently have stock of eight Brownbuilt compactus units. We have Five grey ones in these configurations: #1. Six bays, each bay is 900 mm wide and 400 mm deep. #2. Seven bays, each bay is approx 900 wide, 400 deep. #3. Eight bays, each bay is 900 wide, 400 deep. #4 and #5 Nine bays, 1200 wide with 5 bays at 400 deep and 4 bays at 300 deep, one of these is pictured to the side.

We also have one beige coloured one, Eight bays and 1200 wide, 400 deep. We have a 4 bay charcoal coloured “C” Class the bays are 900 wide and 400 deep, and we have an Eight bay Blue coloured compcatus (pictured below), the bays are 1200 wide and 400 deep.

In addition to the eight Browbuilt compactus units we have we have another beige coloured compactus with 8 bays and an electronic lock.

Call for availability and pricing, come on in for inspection.

(23 March 2012)

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Brownbuilt Metal Shelving

SOLD. We currently have stock of Brownbuilt shelving bays available in Canberra. We have them in two heights – 1800 (mm) high and 2180 high. As at 9-11-11 there are 18 bays of 1800 high available and 5 bays of 2180 high available. We only have the 1854 high (exactly 73 inches) versions left in  dark grey and dark brown. Shelf size is approximately 900 x 400 and is rated for 110kg (uniformly distributed load) per shelf.

We also sell used Brownbuilt compactus units, please call for availability and pricing.

(9 November 2011)

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