Grey Workstations

This stock is SOLD OUT, but we have other workstation options available. We are usually able to supply matching sets of workstations if we are given enough time to organize the stock for you (typically about 2 weeks for 20-30 workstations for instance).

We currently have stock of over 200 grey workstations in many different sizes. Typical sizes include 1800 x 1800 mm, 1800 x 2100 and 2100 x 2100. Workstations are available in both Canberra and Melbourne.

We also have them as small as 1500 x 1500 (in Canberra) and up to 2400 long. See in store for pricing and availability. Bulk enquires welcome.

(5 Nov 2011)

Recently we have sold many of the original lot that we had available. We still have them available, please contact us for quantraties, etc.