6 Bay Compactus (900 x 400 shelves)

Compactus Units 20% OFF!

Currently we have to many Compactus in stock, so expect to pay 20% less then [...]

Poplar Schiavello Workstations

Schiavello Workstations

Fully ergonomic (height adjustable). They are all in excellent condition, most are “as new”. Every [...]

4 Drawer Elitebuilt

Filing Cabinets

No office is really complete with-out a filing cabinet.  Always in stock are a variety [...]

Ahrend Meeting Table
2400 x 1200

BoardRoom Tables

  BoardRoom / Meeting Room / Confrence Tables are a very common item that is [...]

Gispen 414

Gispen 414

SOLD (20/02/14)   Designed W. H. Gispen  an internationally renowned dutch industrial designer.  The Gispen [...]

Ahrand Office Chairs

Embassy Furniture

Arriving this week from a local European Embassy… Brand -  made and specially imported from the [...]

Exec. Chairs

Executive Chairs

Brown Leather Exec Chairs. Great condition! Brand: Burgtec. Made in: Western Australia. Date of Manufacture: [...]

Member's Desk (Old Parliament House)

Old Parliament House Member’s Desk

Very rare! This is a “Member’s Desk” from Old Parliament House. Date: 1930′s Material: Queensland [...]

European Beech Bookcase

New Bookcases

New bookcases are presently available. You are welcome to come in and place orders, orders [...]

Shelving (1800 x 900 x 300)

Steel Shelving

Constructed on site. Multiple lots presently available. Our shelving is built using brand new black slotted-angle [...]

1500 x 600 Desks, colour: husk

New Desks

10/01/2014 – Back in stock! From time to time we build new desks. We are [...]

Workstation 6

8x 2-Piece Workstations

SOLD OUT (12/01/2013) This week we collected 8x matching 2-piece workstations. Good condition, and attractive, [...]

Auditor General's Desk

First Auditor General’s Desk

Here we have an antique Partner’s Desk – but not just any, it’s an original [...]

Corner Cupboard (closed)

Corner Display Cupboard

SOLD Has internal mirrors, removable glass shelves and glass-front doors. For storing and displaying your [...]


Workshop/Joinery Machines – Dust Extractors

GJ Wheeler Dust Extractor – 6 Bag This Large 6 Bag Dust Extractor is in [...]


Workshop/Joinery Machines – Overhead Router

Casadei L’artigiana R32 MK1 – Vertical/OverHead Router – Manual Table height adj. – Six adjustable [...]


Workshop/Joinery Machines – Thicknesser

Red MetalWorker CP6-9E Thicknesser KPACHbIN METANNNCT CTAHKOCTPONTENbHbiN 3ABON RUSSIAN. – Both Manual and Automatic adjusting [...]